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The drug Tildren works by regulating bone remodeling in cases where there is too much bone resorption occurring. It helps to activate the bone builders (osteoblasts) and reduce the bone resorbers (osteoclasts), thus allowing for denser bones in the higher stress areas. It is also believed that Tildren has anti-inflammatory effects against arthritis by not allowing the enzymes to be released that cause the resorption of cartilage. Research is still under way to further investigate this pathogenesis.

Is Tildren the right treatment for your horse? A full lameness examination needs to be performed and the area of lameness diagnosed. Radiographs will aid in determining the extent of the damage. Once diagnostic tests have been completed, the veterinarian will determine whether your horse could benefit from treatment with Tildren.

Tildren is administered intravenously and can be done in the field with the use of an intravenous catheter. Possible side effects are sweating, muscle tremors and mild signs of colic. Treated horses are often given Banamine pre-emptively to decrease the chances of side effects. Tildren should not be administered to horses less than 3 years old, nor to pregnant or lactating mares.

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