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Sports Medicine/Lameness

The veterinarians of FVEP utilize a thorough hands-on clinical examination and the latest in available portable technology to assess lameness and any other abnormalities that could affect athletic performance.


Fox Valley Equine Practice believes in having the latest in diagnostic equipment available, in order to provide timely and effective care for your horses.

Preventative Healthcare

In order to care for horses and to avoid them suffering preventable illness or injury, the veterinarians and staff of FVEP want to work with you to create the best program for your needs.

Lab Testing

Fox Valley Equine Practice provides a wide range of in-office routine blood, urine, and fecal tests, as well as advanced diagnostic tests that are sent out to specialized laboratories.

Cutting-Edge Treatments

At FVEP, our goal is to provide “the best medicine in the field”.  This means having available the most current technologies and the latest cutting-edge treatments to provide the best care for our patients that we can in an “on farm” setting.

Reproductive Services

Fox Valley Equine Practice offers breeding services, pregnancy care and mare and foal care.

Field Surgeries

FVEP doctors are able to perform routine castrations in the field as well as laceration repair.

Pre-purchase Exams

It is recommended to schedule a thorough examination prior to the purchase of a specific horse. A standard pre-purchase exam is extensive. It will include a complete physical exam as well as a lameness exam.  Learn more about the exams, and why they are important, here.

Emergency Services

We offer emergency vet services for our established clients whose accounts are in good-standing.  Our vets are available 24/7 365 days a year.  To learn more about our emergency services, and for resources about what you can do in the event of an emergency, please visit our Emergency page.


End of Life

You are a “horse person”, so you know about that one truly special horse.  It is so hard to say goodbye to that special friend, and to face that empty stall. But it is our responsibility to take care of our companion animals and protect them from misery or suffering.  Read an extensive article written by FVEP vets about how best to handle End of Life issues.