Our team visits you and your horse directly in the field, equipped and available to help with any veterinary situation, at any time.
Advanced diagnostics, digital radiography, ultrasound imaging, and endoscopy are provided at your farm.
FVEP provides cutting-edge medicine, pre-purchase exams, routine care and 24-hour emergency services.
Our team of veterinarians give you and your horse the best medicine in the field.
Fox Valley Equine Practice is a trusted partner in the care and wellbeing of your equine family members.
Acupuncture and Chiropractic treatment can be used to improve your horse's comfort and performance.

Diarrhea in Foals Less Than a Month Old

Foals can have diarrhea from a fairly benign cause that resolves on its own. Some causes of diarrhea are serious and result in a very sick foal.

Established in 1990, Fox Valley Equine Practice is dedicated to providing the best medicine that is available in a field practice for our clients and patients. We wish to be part of a team that includes owners, trainers, farriers, stable managers, caretakers and referral hospitals. Whether it is an emergency, routine care or cutting edge medicine, we will care for your horses as if they were our horses.